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Robin Hoods Bay Engagement Shoot

Normally we don’t tend to travel very far for engagement photoshoots…but when Elly & Benjamin mentioned they had Robin Hoods Bay in mind for theirs…there was no question as to whether we would be driving up there or not!

If you haven’t ever visited Robin Hoods Bay, it is steeeeeeep! So a lot of stairs and hills were involved in this shoot but the views more than make up for it…and after lots of chatting about road trips and travel plans it became clear that Ben & Elly were an outdoorsy pair with an obviously lovely sense of adventure so they were more than happy to throw on their hiking boots and wrap up warm for the session. They even braved an early meeting time so we could escape the crowds!

When our alarm went off at 5am we did think that we might of made a slight error in judgement at booking an early session BUT there was almost nobody to be seen at what is usually such a bustling tourist destination, and we almost had the beach front entirely to ourselves other than a few very welcome passing doggos and their owners!

The wind might have been a bit on the cold side…and we may have all taken a few hot drinks and several hours to thaw out…but it was definitely oh so worth it! A little time well spent getting to know a wonderful couple, capture some memories and have lots of laughs! So thanks to Ben & Elly for braving the cold!


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