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Frequently Asked Questions...

Wedding planning usually brings up so many to help you out a are the ones we are asked most often...

Q. What is your style?

A. We are all about the story telling. Our wedding photography is very much documentary in style but with a slight editorial edge. We like to capture all of the moments of your day exactly as they unfold, with minimal fuss and interference, so it is authentically you. If you are thinking “what does all of that even mean” click here to learn a bit more about our approach.


Q. How much do your packages cost?

A. Our packages start at £1950 for a full day coverage, but we do offer shorter days and hourly coverage for micro-weddings…just drop us a message with your requirements!

Q. Do we need two photographers?

A. We've got a full list of reasons we think having two photographers is a great investment that you can read here but ultimately it totally depends on your day and what you want from us. If in doubt...just ask when you enquire!

Q. Can we see some of your work?

A. Yes! You can click here to see some examples. You can also follow us on Instagram @Baileyandmitchellphotography to see what we are currently doing too!

Documentary wedding photography North East UK Wedding photographers Natural wedding photography

Q. Where do you travel & what are your fees?

A. We are currently based in Yorkshire but we love to travel! Photographing new places and getting to travel while we do it is one of the things we love the most about what we do. We have a camper van that we love to get out and adventure in, and we have passports too, so honestly there is no limit to where we would travel for a super cool wedding!

We do charge an additional fee for travel for journeys over 2 hours driving from our base. Within the UK this is just to cover our fuel & overnight costs, and for destination weddings we work with you to budget in our travel & accommodation costs. If you aren’t sure…just drop us a message!


Q. How long have you been photographers?

A. We’ve been working in wedding photography since 2017, but our photography experience goes back much much further! Micah studied art and film photography all the way back in college and loves travel & landscape photography still to this day while I (Emily) studied fashion & portrait photography at University and worked in various portrait and commercial studios before we settled into working for ourselves! You can learn more about us by clicking here.


Q. Can we see a full gallery?

A. Of course! You only have to ask when you enquire and we will send you a link over in our reply!


Q. Should we feed you on the day?

A. We wouldn’t turn down a nice hot meal on a long work day…however because we have dietary requirements (we are both vegan) if your venue finds this difficult to cater for we are more than happy to bring our own food & snacks with us! Just let us know so we can plan ahead.


Q. How do you send our images to us?

A. You will receive your full hi-res wedding gallery in a private online gallery which is password protected and can be shared with family and friends if you wish. For full day bookings you will also receive a USB copy of your gallery in a keepsake collection box that includes a selection of ten 7x5 prints.


Q. Have you photographed our venue before?

A. Because we photograph in a documentary style, we find that the flow of the day and our ability to work isn’t affected by a new venue. In most cases if we haven’t been before it actually gets our creativity flowing! We can’t always get to the venue ahead of the day, but we always arrive with plenty of time to have a good nosey around and get some ideas going! Being honest...having shot there before or not really doesn't affect the quality of the images.

Alternative wedding photography North East UK Wedding photographers Natural wedding photography

Q. How many group photos do we get on the day?

A. We always recommend trying to keep to around 8 group photographs on the day. We will ask you before the day itself for a list, and we suggest asking a member of your wedding party who knows most of your guests to help us rally people around. Having photos with loved ones is SO important, but depending on the amount of guests at your wedding day, more than 8 group shots can take a surprisingly long time and we would prefer to have you captured candidly having fun with them all! You can always grab a snap with them throughout the day/evening too!


Q. Does it matter that we hate having our photo taken?

A. If we had a pound for every couple who said this…you know how it goes! Almost every couple we have ever worked with has felt in some way nervous about having their photo taken on the day. But trust us…it’s not so scary! We work in a very chilled out and relaxed way, we won’t ask you to stand in any awkward poses and we aim to make it as fun as possible. Plus after a while you’ll probably forget we are even there!

Q. How do we get the most out of our wedding photography?

A. Be present and in the moment. We are there to seek out the moments that matter and capture the little details, but we don’t want you to spend the day worrying about everything looking picture perfect! Be yourselves, feel your emotions, and trust us to capture it all along the way! 


Q. How long does it take to get our wedding photographs?

A. As you might expect, we are very passionate about our imagery and making sure we deliver a carefully curated and edited gallery is one of the biggest jobs we have. We want to give this our fullest time and dedication, and so as standard we suggest a 6-8 week wait time for your full online gallery. This can vary depending on how busy the season is at the time of your wedding. We do love to send out a preview gallery within a week of the wedding day though to keep you going!

Documentary wedding photography North East UK Wedding photographers Natural wedding photography

Q. So how to we book you?

A. We will send out an online link to our booking system. Once you click through, sign the booking agreement & send the 25% deposit we can officially book you into our diaries! After that we can check in as often as you like in the lead up, and we will always book in a catch up call before the big day. Just remember that until we have both the signed agreement and deposit payment, the date isn’t secure. 


Q. When/how do we pay the balance?

A. Your full and final balance payment is due 4 weeks before the wedding date via bank transfer or card payment. You’ll be sent a gentle reminder when it is due.


Q. Do you have any insurance?

A. Yes. We have full insurance and public liability. 


Q. Can we ask what cameras you use?

A. Lots of our couples seem to also be keen photographers themselves! We use canon camera bodies and a mixture of canon and sigma lenses. We also have back ups in place!


Q. Do you do wedding albums?

A. Yes yes yes! Photographs are made to be seen in print so if you are interested in albums…we would love to help create one for you. 

Each album is individually designed by us and then printed in the UK to produce a high quality album. Albums cost £500.


Q. Can we meet up before we book you?

A. Absolutely! If you have more questions, want to chat about your wedding details, or just get to know each other so we aren’t strangers on the day…a meet up can be a great idea! We are based in Huddersfield so if you are local, we are always happy to meet for a brew! If an online chat is more convenient we are always happy to pop a zoom call in the diary.


Q. We are planning on the evening party being a wild one…will you stay later?

A. If you are planning on partying into the night, we can chat about extended coverage. We all have our limits though, so we only offer an additional 2 hours, so we don’t accidentally have a disco nap on the dance floor! Additional hours are £150 each. 


Q. We love black and white images…will you include some in our gallery?

A. Absolutely! We love black and white images, they give such emotion to a gallery and some images just beg to be edited in black and white. We usually pick out a good selection of images in the gallery as we are editing that we know will look gorgeous in black and white, so when you get the gallery they will be sprinkled throughout.

Ask us anything...

Head to our contact form and ask us anything you like! Click here to start chatting about your wedding plans

Documentary wedding photography North East UK Wedding photographers Natural wedding photography
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