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Rick & Rachel / South Causey Inn Wedding

From the absolute beginning of wedding planning Rick & Rachel knew that traditional was not going to be on the cards. So they tossed out the so called rule book and went for a north east micro wedding at the South Causey Inn that was full of personality…

After having to do a bit of a rethink on their elopement plans because of the 2020 situation that shall not be named (they had originally hoped to head abroad to get married) they settled on an intimate affair at The South Causey Inn in Stanley. Now not only has this become one of our more frequented venues of late, it is nestled right amongst our family who live in the North East…so we always love visiting this gorgeous little spot!

Now we have photographed the bride getting ready in some beautiful and unique places…but a converted red double decker bus might just take the top spot for the quirkiest! This is actually where the couple got to stay for the evening too, and honestly given half a chance we probably would have moved in there and then! The wedding dress had a full photoshoot on the door of the bus which honestly, given how beautiful it was, was totally justified!

After a heartfelt and intimate ceremony in the farmhouse with their nearest and dearest we stole Rick & Rachel away for a wander around the gardens and grounds for their portraits, even stopping to say hi to some of the animals who call it home…did we mention there are several geese, doggies and birds around? The more animals the better in our opinion! Although some of the geese were pretty fiesty! Because R&R didn't have a traditional evening do, they also didn't have a first dance planned...but during their portrait session they put on "their" song and had a private little dance in the sun instead!

The rest of the day was honestly the most chilled out and hilarious afternoon…with tequila and Prosecco flowing there wasn’t a person there who wasn’t howling laughing at one point or another! They really nailed the concept of not taking your wedding day too seriously, because lets face it…the day can be super stressful OR you can just laugh and enjoy all of the memorable moments!

Here is a little look at their wedding day...

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