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A Wild Adventure - J&K's Lake District Elopement

When JoJo and Kelvin reached out to us from Hong Kong to talk about their plans for an elopement style pre wedding session in the Lake District, we knew we were in for an adventure. In typical Lake District fashion of course, we were brought wild weather and SO MUCH rain. But isn't that the beauty of the Lake District? Embracing the elements?

After months of chatting over email across continents, our plans were settled on meeting in Penrith and driving around the beautiful scenery of the Lake District. J&K had been travelling around Europe and their final stop was the UK before returning home to Hong Kong ahead of their big wedding day. The plan was to give them all of the magic of an elopement for their pre wedding session. Of course winter in the Lake District is always risky business, but the pair were ready for anything!

Lake District elopement wedding photography

Now anyone familiar with the Lake District will understand my slight concern when we arrived to meet J&K and Jojo was in some very cute white heels and a gorgeous white bridal mini...the lakes are famously a bit muddy and a lot rocky! Let it be known that for health and safety purposes walking boots are always recommended...but honestly Jojo handled the landscape like a pro in her heels!

As North East wedding photographers, we're no strangers to rain...lets be honest the sunshine is sometimes a rare sight up north! We were a little concerned about our lovely couple but they were undeterred by the wild weather J&K embraced every moment real spontenaiety and laughed their way through the rain. We had to switch locations last minute because some of the roads were so flooded...but isn't that the magic of eloping? Being flexible and letting the day unfold naturally.

Lake District elopement wedding photography

We drove around seeking out little spots for photo opportunities while showcasing the area to J&K for them to be able to see the beauty of the lakes even at their rainiest. The mountains provided a gorgeous backdrop and because it was so wild outside, there were almost no people around, which gave a quiet intimacy that comes with an elopement.

Driving around together, we explored some hidden gems and secret spots and despite the rain, or maybe because of it, Jodi and Kelvin's elopement session was nothing short of magical. We finished off our day with hot chocolates in Keswick, warming up on the cobblestones and taking photos along the way.

Lake District elopement wedding photography

As documentary wedding photographers, we thrive on these moments of spontaneity and JoJo and Kelvin's elopement style session really reminded us why we do what we do – to capture love stories in the most natural and honest way we can.

If you're dreaming of your own Lake District elopement or couples session, reach out to us. Hopefully next time there will be less rain, but just as much adventure!


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