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Reasons to consider a micro wedding...

The way weddings are happening right now is ever changing, but one thing is for sure, it seems like small weddings are on the rise! Catchily named "Microweddings" are having a real moment at the minute and we can totally see why...they are a great way to go ahead with your big day and still have the most important people there. Plus a microwedding doesn't have to be lacking in style, if anything you can focus your time and budget on the things that you really want!

Here are our top reasons that a Microwedding could be the way forward for you...

You can say "I Do" sooner...

The most obvious win for a microwedding is that, with everything all up in the air for the wedding industry in terms of big weddings getting the green light, a small ceremony means you can likely say I Do sooner! Huge weddings are absolutely amazing and if thats what you want you should totally have it, but if the most important part for you is getting married soon...consider a micro option!

Microwedding outdoor garden wedding Whitby wedding photgraphy

Intimate weddings can be REALLY COOL...

There are so many options for making your intimate wedding unique. Have you thought about a romantic candle lit evening wedding ceremony? Maybe you would love an outdoor service off the beaten track? Thought about a really quirky event space but it wouldn't hold that many guests? Fancy having your ceremony and then everyone heading out for a big camp out festival style? Afternoon picnic instead of a traditional wedding breakfast? Options are only as limited as your imagination and your vendors will love helping you come up with ways to make your unique ideas work!

Microwedding outdoor garden wedding Whitby wedding photgraphy

Make the most of your budget...

If you are in a position where your wedding budget is limited, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice it being just like those totally amazing badass weddings you see on blogs and Instagram! In fact, by saving money on having a tonne of guests you can focus your budget on the things that really matter. Consider having a smaller guest list and saving pennies to put towards the vendors that you that photographer, hire the amazing entertainment, go for that mad tasty cake...create the most amazing experience for you and your closest friends and family that you'll remember for decades to come.

Microwedding outdoor garden wedding Whitby wedding photgraphy

Spend quality time with your guests...

Chances are you've probably heard from your married friends, or been to weddings where it happens, that the bride and groom NEVER get around to talking to everyone. It's true! It can be overwhelming when the ceremony is over and you are trying to see everyone, sometimes you end up spending the whole day separated from your new husband or wife!

With a smaller guest list you can chat to ALL of your guests and still spend time TOGETHER (surely thats the point of the getting married bit, right?!) Imagine it being just like the best dinner party of your life, all your favourite people together hanging out having real conversations and making memories.

Microwedding outdoor garden wedding Whitby wedding photgraphy

Our Microwedding photography packages are now available for couples who love the idea of having a small wedding...because you know what they say...good things come in small packages!

If this all sounds up your street drop us a message at and lets chat!

Emily & Micah


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