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Why printing your wedding photos matters...

In the age of digital photography it seems like it is becoming more and more common to only ever scroll through our photos on phones and screens rather than looking at IRL...

While digital is great, we love it, I mean honestly we couldn't do our jobs the way we currently do without it...there really is something to be said for physically being able to hold your memories in your hands.

Recently at a family gathering we sat and looked through old family photo albums over a glass of wine and it was so much fun to be able to relive the memories, share stories and laugh at some interesting vintage parents were of the 80's wedding generation with fabulous sleeves and questionable moustaches! We even found an old album of prints from my first foray into photography many moons ago on 35mm film!

So lets talk wedding albums...

They might seem like a bit of a thing of the past but these aren't your traditional photo albums with plastic bits to slide in your prints. These albums have each photograph carefully printed onto high quality paper, in a layout that is curated with your ideas in mind every step of the way.

One of our favourite things about our albums is that because they are made to order, the cover can be chosen to suit your wedding theme or favourite colour. Our sample is a dusky pink linen, but we can also offer vegan leather as a fabric option, and the colour choice is almost limitless!

Personally we love a fine art album because we have always collected coffee table books full of fashion, landscapes and dreamy photography so to see our images amongst them is such a lovely feeling.

Our albums are handmade and printed right here in the UK and while they are an investment piece, they are also beautiful and future proof! Stored safely they will last generations to come, which sometimes sadly technology does not...

There are so many different options for printing your images, from small individual prints for frames, to larger statement prints for the wall right through to keepsake printed albums...and there is no right or wrong way to display your images.

So whether you print a few photos yourself, order a big framed one for the hallway or invest in a fine art album think about ways that you would like to print and display your wedding photographs because trust is so worth it!

Oh and by the way...if we shot your wedding and you do pop some prints up around the home we LOVE seeing it so tag us in your photos! We always do a little happy dance when we see our photos on display!

Emily & Micah



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