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10 sentimental city centre locations - one gorgeous Liverpool pre wedding photoshoot

When Lauren first told me her ideas for her and Jack’s pre wedding session I was SO excited!

The plan would be this…photograph them in 10 of their favourite locations around Liverpool and then use the photographs as their table centres at the wedding. Cut to a VERY early morning road trip to Liverpool (cheeky 5am wake up call anyone?) to jump in the car with L&J for a whirlwind tour of the city.

From the University where they met studying, the place they had their first date to the streets they lived on as students and more…we covered their relationship history in visual form and it was so much fun to hear the sweet and hilarious stories that went with each location.

Now when it comes to nerves at a photoshoot, we are pretty used to it, but poor Jack was feeling a little less enthusiastic than Lauren when it came to doing a public photoshoot with so many locations...but it turns out bribing him with a spa day was the way to get him on board! Throughout the session despite a few looks of "what am I doing here" both L&J were such good sports and kept each other going...even throwing in a few funny poses here and there!

This is the magic of the pre wedding session...because the wedding will be a total breeze after this!

Having wanted to do an engagement shoot at a coffee shop for a while, the stop off at The Quarter was one of my personal favourites, not least because the oat milk latte was a solid 10/10. The beautiful red brickwork around Liverpool City centre also made for gorgeous colours in the images.

This is what pre wedding sessions are all about for us. The wedding day tends to take place somewhere beautiful, a place you have chosen to gather everyone, or somewhere that a legal ceremony can take place…but the pre wedding shoot? That can be anywhere you want…so making it somewhere sentimental really is such a great way to make the images personal. Plus by sharing your story with us we get to know you that little bit better so when the wedding itself comes along we will feel like one big team. Bonus points of course if your photoshoot includes a stop off at a coffee shop like Lauren & Jack’s…because coffee!

Thanks so much for the most fun reason to get out of bed at 5am…we can’t wait to see you again soon at Spicer Manor for the big day itself!


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