We are Emily & Micah, married for 3 years now and together for over a decade which makes us very much feel like a little old married couple!

We call West Yorkshire home now but both originally come from the North East.


When we aren't hanging out with our Pug Anna watching 10000 documentaries we love being out and about in nature. We live for travelling & camping and even ditched the 5 star resorts for a tent on our honeymoon which we spent in Norway! 

We are as into loud music, tattoos & motorbikes as we are cooking, hiking and trying to make friends with any animal we happen across!


If any of this sounds a bit like you too, you are 100% our kind of people and to us that really matters when it comes to working with a couple on their wedding day!

We aren't just your photographers on the day, we are there to support you, help you out and make the day special. Ultimately having a connection between the photographer and the couple really shows in the images...we need you to trust us and let us into your world for the day! 

Our documentary style of photography captures your wedding day exactly as it happens, we snap all those little details you've worked your asses off to create and catch everyone in the moment...so that when you look back you can see the story of your wedding in the images. 

For us it's all about keeping it raw, natural and 100% authentic to your style.


Sound good? Drop us a line and lets grab a virtual brew and chat!



// Likes to think she is the boss //

I moved down to Yorkshire from the North East when I was 18 to study Photography at University. After finishing my degree I hired a tiny little studio in Leeds and started working away shooting Fashion & Portrait photography. 

I loved fashion, but I really craved something with more connection and thats how I ended up falling in love with Weddings. I'm super nosey and love seeing what people do with their day because every one is so different!

I have a weird accent which is a blend of Geordie & Yorkshire. I'll be heard saying "Whey aye" as much as "Ey up". I used to be embarrassed by it...but I'm embracing it now! 

Despite the massive love for the outdoors my favourite place on earth is Disneyland Paris. I don't care how old I am...its magic. Yes I own Mickey ears. Yes they have sequins on them and yes I will wear them next time I go even if I'm 50 by then! 

I grew up a massive theatre nerd, and my driving playlist is a bizarre mix of metal, show tunes and Rupauls drag race, so you could say my taste in music is questionable at best!

I also love cooking, lifting weights, Netflix binges and driving Micah up the wall!



// Lkes to think he is the boss //

I grew up in Sunderland and moved down to Yorkshire a few years into our relationship while Emily was studying. I studied art in college and fell in love with film and documentary photography. Even now when we get a chance I love to bust out the 35mm film and go old school. 

I'm pretty laid back, which sometimes drives Emily nuts, but it makes me really easy going on wedding days and I like to think that puts our couples at ease too! You'll usually spot me walking around with a big smile because people getting married is always bloody lovely.

I love getting my hands dirty and whether its building a motorbike in the kitchen (yes that really did happen last year) or campsite carvings, I've always got a creative project on the go. The ultimate project goal is to build my own cabin one day!

Getting out in nature and bushcraft have been a massive part of my life and we've been really lucky to get to experience some pretty cool corners of the world. I'm a no frills, pitch a tent and chill kind of guy. 

I also love documentaries, and I'm ace in a pub quiz because I seem to know a million random facts from all the hours spent watching Nat Geo & True Crime!



// The actual boss //

Anna is our adopted Pug/mascot/third member of the team. She joined the family this year just as lockdown began and saved us from going loopy while we had way too much downtime from weddings. 

She has her own Instagram. She is 90% loveable and 10% trouble. She can smell a banana being opened from about a mile away and takes up a surprising amount of room in the bed. 

She is just pretty cute and we figured everyone needs a cute dog photo in their day...so you can thank us later.

Bespoke custom rustic wedding decor-67.j

2020 has been a weird year for the wedding industry and left us with a lot of free time and so we decided to finally get to work on the sister company we have been day dreaming about for ages!

Bailey & Mitchell Bespoke is our other wedding business creating sustainable, handmade wedding decor and wedding gift items. We worked our butts off this year overhauling a studio and workshop space in our hometown of Calderdale and now have our own little Esty store! 

Anyone who books photography with us gets a cheeky discount too!


Check us out HERE

Bespoke custom rustic wedding decor-35.j