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Who are we?


That is us up there! We are Emily & Micah, married couple and wedding photography team. We have been obsessed with capturing peoples happiest moments since we started planning our own wedding back in 2016.

We call West Yorkshire home now but both originally come from the good old North East. In 2020 we made a huge lifestyle change and inspired by stories of tiny homes we bought a 30ft narrowboat called Bonnie and moved onto the water where we’ve been floating around with our adopted pug Anna ever since!

We absolutely love the outdoors and adventure. Our ideal day is a lazy start, a long dog walk with a coffee and spending the afternoon watching documentaries in front of the fire. We live for travelling & camping and even ditched the 5 star resorts for a tent on our honeymoon which we spent in Norway under the Northern Lights. 

Micah being a craftsman and Emily having a love for rustic decor means we also have a woodwork shop where we make wedding decor, gifts and homeware...you can read a bit more about that here!


If any of this sounds a bit like you too, you are 100% our kind of people and to us that really matters when it comes to working with a couple on their wedding day because it is so important for to really build trust and a connection with your photographers on your wedding day...

So what about our style? 

On a call with a couple the bride to be asked us what our style is on the day...how did we interact with people...and this really got us thinking!

We aren't ‘just’ your photographers on the day, we are there to support you, help you out and make the day special. Ultimately having a connection between the photographer and the couple really shows in the images...we need you to let us into your world for the day and trust us with your memories.

There is no such thing as a photographer who just blends in seamlessly...we do our best...but we believe that the best images come out of interacting with your guests and becoming a part of the day. We keep it chilled out and chat away so that everyone relaxes around the camera and allows us to catch them just having fun!

Our backgrounds before wedding photography include fashion, travel & film photography…so we love to blend this into our wedding style. We call ourselves documentary photographers as 99% of what we do on the day is capturing the moments as they happen and then shooting some more stylistic images of the details and portraits. We blend the natural candid photos of you with some more posed, editorial shots but don’t worry there are no cheesy or awkward photos allowed! 


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