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Why city weddings can be pretty freaking cool...

So here is the thing...we LOVE the outdoors. Road trips to barns, woodlands, tipis...all absolutely wonderful. But recently we have been working in the city more and more and it has to be centre weddings are pretty amazing!

With all the rules and changes over the past year weddings have been changing, and with the uptake of micro weddings and smaller city ceremonies we thought we would share some of our favourite things about city centre weddings...

A city close to your heart

Maybe you studied at university nearby. Maybe you and your partner met on a night out there. Maybe, like our couple below, you had your very first date right around the corner!

Cities usually always have some sort of memory attached to them and being close by to those can be pretty sweet on your wedding with a bit of time for photos sometimes you can revisit them too!

Finding a piece of paradise

If you still want the hints of the outdoors for your portraits there is almost always somewhere nearby in a city centre that can help us get creative! It doesn't have to all be just bricks and buildings...we can look for little nature spots everywhere! Parks, gardens, riversides, canal towpaths, you name it. If there is greenery near we will hunt it out!

A city backdrop can bring the drama

You don't have to steer away from the city vibe, lean into it instead! Big tall buildings can make for a pretty dramatic scenery sometimes with gorgeous lighting and fun and quirky backdrops. If you are up for a walk after your ceremony there are always some great spots to explore in a city centre...


Lets be honest one of the best bits about a wedding is the food right? So if you are having a small wedding in the city why not book a table at your favourite restaurant for you and your guests? You can have all of the fun of a reception but keep it low key and tasty! And just like choosing your city, you can pick a spot packed with memories of previous date nights!

People WILL congratulate you a tonne

This one might sound a bit strange but honestly, nothing makes us smile more than when a couple of newlyweds are walking through town and everyone...and we mean everyone...they pass stops to smile and congratulate them. It is really cute!

Thats just a few of our reasons to consider a city wedding...there are so many to choose from! A low key city centre wedding can be really cool and if you are up for a good wander there are so many photo opportunities to be had!

If you are thinking about planning a city wedding, get in touch! Turns out we absolutely love them!

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