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Wedding planning in lockdown...

At the time of writing this blog, there hasn't been any clear guidance on how, and when, weddings are going to be able to go ahead in the UK.

With everything a bit topsy turvy in the wedding world at the moment we thought it would be a great time to share some tips on wedding planning from the perspective of both photographers…and married people who did the whole thing a few years ago!

At the minute lots of couples due to get married in 2020 are now postponing their dates…which means 2021 is booking up so so fast and 2022 isn’t far behind either! So whether you are postponing your day, or just starting your planning, here are our top tips to secure your Wedding supplier Wishlist…

Get your big suppliers confirmed

  • Your venue and your photographers (and catering if it isn’t included with your venue) are the ones that tend to book up really far in advance. Chat to the suppliers you like the look of and check some dates with them all.

  • If you fall in love with a venue, or really like a photographer, ask about their deposit policy and get your booking secure…chances are they will have a lot of couples in touch about similar dates so you want to secure them if they are available!

Consider off peak dates and days

  • The most popular dates are going to go quickly for 2021 and 2022. Summer weekends especially. But have you considered the other alternatives? Weekday weddings can offer you the chance to keep the summer weather but catch an available date.

  • Winter weddings can be just as beautiful as summer celebrations and often offer more availability! Plus lets be honest…its England…so it might rain, snow or be sunny no matter when you get married, we can never tell! Stormy skies or snowy footpaths can make for some really romantic moments!

Think about what matters most for YOUR wedding

  • For some people the venue will be super important, and so you may need to change your date. For others, maybe you can get the date of your dreams at a different venue. Make a list of your non negotiables and remember to be flexible where you can.

  • Your wedding will be AMAZING regardless so try not to be too stressed if some things aren’t possible or available. Try and remember the most important part of the day is saying I do to the person you love...the rest will all come together!

Share the planning stress

  • Sometimes wedding planning can get a wee bit hectic at the best of times! So talk to people! Friends who have been married, your partner, your family and even your suppliers…we are all here to help! People will have tips, hints and might even have decorations you can borrow or resources you hadn’t thought of!

  • There are some amazing online communities, facebook groups and blogs all there to help you navigate this strange time so make use of them where you can. We will put some links at the bottom of this blog post for you to check out if you want!

Most important to remember is that while wedding dates might change, it doesn't mean your big day is any less exciting or important! It WILL arrive someday and it will be worth the extra wait.

One of our brides who has just rescheduled put it into lovely words for us saying "It totally sucks but I'm a believer in it all happens for a reason". It sucks to wait...but maybe it gives you the extra time to build your lives at home. Maybe it gives you more time to save for your dream honeymoon? We hope that for some of you, there will be some silver linings to the situation somewhere!

We still have some availability for 2021 and have opened our books for 2022 now, so if you are looking for a photographer get in touch and we can check our calendars...

Stay safe, stay in love and stay positive...we will see you on the other side of all of it



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