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Somerset DIY farm wedding meets glam...

Now that wedding season is slowing down we finally have some time to share some of our favourite weddings from 2022...and this was certainly one that we absolutely want to show off.

Years ago I worked for a photography studio in Leeds where I met the lovely Harriet...and years later when her sister Louisa was getting married she very kindly recommended us! I didn't very much like that job...anyone who knows me will know all about that...but I did love the people I worked with and was so happy to hear from Harriet again and her wonderful sister so many years later.

When we first got chatting to Louisa & Alex, we were so excited to hear all of their amazing wedding plans...of course then the dreaded covid happened and everything got delayed again...and again. So when 2022 rolled in, and it was starting to become clear that we would finally get to see their wedding plans come to life we absolutely couldn't wait.

Our couple met while on a flight where Louisa was working as an air hostess and caught pro golfer Alex's eye. Not only is this adorable meet cute straight out of a rom com...but it gives you an idea of the level of glam we were in for from their wedding day!

Somewhere between Louisa & Alex meeting, and the wedding day itself, they also had a gorgeous little addition to their family in the form of their little boy. So even though the date needed to be pushed back a few years, it did mean they had the cutest page boy!

The best bit though...Louisa's family live and work their own gorgeous farm in Somerset. So this is where we truly get the DIY farm wedding meets city glam vibe. Louisa had a vision for her day that honestly only she could pull off. Think huge chandeliers and floral arrangements in a marquee on the farm land. Think adorable farm animal keepsakes on the table...but make them gold. Think DIY dream meets luxury. That is what Louisa and Alex pulled off!

Oh and not to mention that her parents re-landscaped their entire garden, built an incredible archway and put in all of the picture perfect backdrops for portraits just for the wedding that is commitment!

And then of course there is the Pronovias dress...and oh my word what a dress it was!

It wouldn't be a DIY wedding without some help from friends though would it...and what better friends to have than Alex's brother who just so happens to be in an incredible band! They played the night out perfectly, and even threw in a gorgeous cover of fly me to the moon as a tribute to L&A's very first meeting.

A beyond beautiful day for two absolutely wonderful people, and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of it!

Nadine Merabi - Bridal PJS

Asos - Bridesmaids Dresses

Lou bee blooms - florist

Sticky dates - caterer

Oak leaf - Marquee

Carlo sax - Saxophonist

Crescent moon - Chandeliers


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