Qu Moo Designs | Stories from the kitchen table

If you read our last blog all about how we are trying to stay creative in lockdown you'll know that we have been collaborating with wedding suppliers, creatives and designers on shoots over the last few weeks.

You can catch up on that blog here

We wanted to share the images, and the stories of the businesses too. Each set of images was shot on our little kitchen table, in our home, which meant not only could we stay productive while staying home…but also meant we had to get resourceful and creative with our space, props and light. Hence “Stories from the kitchen table” Up first…QuMoo Designs!

QuMoo Designs, a graphic design and gift company, is the creation of Queenie who runs the business from her hometown of Guilford. While living in the Netherlands for over a decade, she began creating travel prints inspired by her home from home to gift to friends, and eventually expanding into other images and selling to other people who loved her work too! Business woman, designer, and total boss babe. We LOVED her unique design style and caught up a little after working on her images.

Read a little from our chat here…

E - Hi Queenie how are you?

Q - We are well and safe at this unusual time, I hope you are too

E- We loved your travel inspired work. What are some of your favourite placed you have visited?

Q - I love travelling and have lived and worked in many places around the world - to ask my favourite is really tricky! I think one of my most memorable places I have visited is Hawaii as it is so diverse - volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, tropical forests, the observatory. I love living in the UK, such beautiful places to visit - we usually stay in a house near Buxton in Derbyshire with lots of friends during May so I’ll be missing the hill walking and beautiful countryside this year.

E - You lived in the Netherlands for over a decade. What would you say was the biggest difference between life there and life in the UK?

Q - Living in the Netherlands was enormously different to the UK, it’s taken me quite some time to get used to it again. The biggest difference is everyone truly travels everywhere by bike, I love that gentle pace of life - you can only go so fast to get somewhere (saying that there was usual some super-powered Oma (Grannie) who would overtake you!).

E - How important do you think it is to stay creative at the moment?

Q - Staying creative is always important - lockdown or not - the thorough enjoyment of creating and then a tangible end product creates lasting joy and happiness - it gives life balance.

E - What are the three things that you are most grateful for in this wild time?

Q - My three things that I’m grateful for would be my garden and good weather (I have two boys plus a dog and they absolutely need to get outside and jump about) and also the internet - my connection to friends and family has been incredibly important - when the internet fails our entire house feels it!

E - What three things are you most excited to do when we are all out and about again?

Q - I asked my family what three things we would be excited to do when lockdown is over, we all agreed on the following: visiting friends and family is absolutely number one. Going to the beach and seeing the sea - we used to live close to the beach in the Netherlands and really do miss it - there is something about the calming nature of being close to it. Also going swimming in a swimming pool!

E - Is there anything coming up/new in your business you want to share?

Q - As you are aware Emily, many small businesses are currently pivoting their businesses - reconsidering how they can create content to sell their knowledge online to potential customers. I help by creating professional ‘magazine style’ formats with their content and images and place into PDF formats - they then upload to their shops as patterns, instruction booklets, online courses, e-magazines etc. Potential customers (and Google) desire great online content and their knowledge and experience can be incredibly valuable to others.

Coming up next on our blog we will be talking to some wonderful stationary designers, bridal stylists and more about what they are up to and sharing more images from our shoots with them over the last few weeks! We are also working on an exciting giveaway which we will be sharing soon...

Stay posted!

All prints/cards - QuMoo Designs

Photography & Styling - Bailey and Mitchell

Pink & Blue Hand Dyed Runners - One Splendid Day

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