Hamida & Colin - Harrogate Registry Micro Wedding Photography

Kicking off our 2022 Yorkshire Wedding Photography season with a lovely relaxed spring microwedding was an absolute dream! When Hamida first called about her and Colin's Harrogate Wedding Photography there was a very slight sense of hesitance in her voice, and understandably so. She explained that they were originally going to hop up to Gretna Green and have an elopement, and as someone a little unsure of having her photograph taken, they weren't really going to originally bother even booking with a photographer. Now personally, and with a slightly obvious bias, I think that is a terrible idea...even if you are going to elope to Gretna Green. Maybe even more so because Scotland is so beautiful! But it isn't the first time we have heard this and I'm sure it won't be the last! But we don't mind...because sometimes the idea of having your photo taken seems a bit stressful and it is our jobs to make sure you are able to relax and just enjoy the day but have some memories to keep. This is why we specialist in natural, relaxed wedding photography after all!

Their plan was changed by circumstances that meant they wanted a few loved ones at their day...and so it was an intimate ceremony in Harrogate Registry Office (which is super cute if you haven't been!) followed by a good old fashioned knees up at the pub that their family runs just up the road. Perfection!

So we met the lovely pair to shoot their ceremony in our documentary style, take some candid photographs of their guests and grab those all important newlywed portraits before seeing them off for their afternoon beers and grub! It was a gorgeous, sunny and most importantly, none stressful, wedding day.

During the portraits we chatted travel and found out that the newly wed couple were about to embark on a road trip in their camper van for their honeymoon...so extra points for being super cool there! Plus we basically spent the whole time talking about our dogs!

So just remember, portraits don't need to be awkward or posey...we can just talk about pets and go for a wander and before you know it there is a beer in your hand and you are all done!

Thanks for trusting us with your memories!

Emily & Micah