Documenting family life / Yorkshire family photography

So you may not know this but I actually have years upon years of experience in family photography...but where it all started was in a cheesy photography studio...I know! While I don't regret working in that sort of environment because I learned so much and met some wonderful people it has made me incredibly adverse to any sort of overly posed family photoshoots and so now if I'm going to work with a almost needs to be the total opposite to spark the creative joy...

Yorkshire Leeds Family Photography Newborn Photoshoot

Documenting family life really is such a treat, and this photoshoot was a gorgeous reminder at just how important capturing little moments and memories truly is. We first met this wonderful couple when we photographed their wedding last year, Karolina was already expecting their little bundle and the wedding was such a lovely, relaxed day full of only their closest family and friends. When they got back in touch to say that their baby girl was on the way and they were looking for a photoshoot when she arrived we were nothing short of thrilled! Their photoshoot took place at their Yorkshire home, capturing real moments as they happened with just a little gentle direction to help get the most from the images...but keeping it natural was so important! So if baby needed feeding..she was fed and there were photographs...if she had a little cry that got photographed too...and when the pooch wanted to get involved of course that made it into the gallery too!

Yorkshire Leeds Family Photography Newborn Dog Photoshoot

Because this is the life, like family photography, isn't always a cheesy smile or a perfect pose. It can be messy, funny and beautiful all at the same time. It can be all about the little details that you want to preserve...the tiny fingers and feet and how they fit into your hands or the face that your baby makes when they are fed. The funny little expressions they make. We would LOVE to work on more of these documentary style family if you are looking for Family Photography in Yorkshire and want to book yours get in touch!