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A "Would be" Wedding day shoot...

So many couples around the world, and here in the UK, are currently in the middle of a weird time where weddings have been postponed. Lauren and Mike are one of those couples...

They should have been getting married at the beautiful venue Bunny Hill at the end of June...but as they have postponed their wedding they are now going ahead in January and celebrating with a winter wedding instead!

There are two ways you can look at any situation...look only at the negative OR try and find the silver linings and seek out the positive. While it is absolutely rubbish that weddings aren't going ahead as planned, the extra time allows for more planning, saving and a whole extra day to celebrate...your "would be" wedding day!

We met up with Lauren & Mike on what should have been their original wedding date and decided to use it as an opportunity to photograph their pre-wedding images and explore their venue. The wonderful team at Bunny Hill allowed us to use all of the gorgeous surroundings and the venue itself for the shoot and it was a lovely way to spend the day...they even gifted Lauren & Mike a box of Booja Booja chocolates and some fizz. For anyone who hasn't eaten Booja chocolates...go out, buy some, eat them...and then you will realise what a treat this is!

We always say "the world works in mysterious ways" and it couldn't be more true in this case. The couple had a family member involved in an accident earlier in the week which would have meant they couldn't have been at the that the wedding is in January everyone will be able to share in their gorgeous day (providing everyone stays safe and avoids falling off ladders between now and then)!

Anyone else who is thinking of celebrating their "would be" wedding are a few ideas...

  • Book a photoshoot with your wedding photographers...we might be biased but I reckon this is the best one!

  • Order a cake and tuck in with a glass of fizz like its your wedding cake

  • Cook a really nice dinner for each other or order take out from your favourite restaurant and have yourselves an intimate dinner date night at home

  • Go out for a beautiful walk somewhere that you haven't visited in a while or somewhere new and take lots of photos while your are out to remember the day

  • Have a zoom party with your family and friends

  • Have an actual garden party (with safety first of course) and decorate your garden with some of your wedding pieces!

Lauren & Mike spent their day having a photoshoot, got themselves a lovely meal on the way home and bought a cake for themselves. They spent the day laughing and being grateful rather than dwelling...and thats a pretty cool way to do things.

Side note...Lauren & Mike also brought us slices of their vegan coffee cake that they had bought themselves to mark the weekend...brownie points to any couple who bring sweet treats to shoots!

Here are some of the photos from their day with us...thanks for including us in your day and we will see you in January, same place, for the big day itself!

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