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Using photography and mindfulness in lockdown 3.0...

Well as expected 2021 has had a pretty quiet start! Most of the winter weddings we would have been shooting have postponed until more certain times and so...well to be honest its a bit boring isn't it!

In the first lockdown last year I took part in on online meditation and mindfulness course and it really helped me to slow down and appreciate the little moments which is so hard when everything feels very chaotic. It reminded me to stay present and try to look at things day by day, moment by moment, rather than become overwhelmed.

Luckily for us we also have a little something, or someone, who keeps us busy. Our very needy pug who I'm pretty sure things she is a human child. So what do you do when you fancy an adventure, but you can't travel? Take the camera, the dog and a pair of boots and head to the nearest park!

For us that happens to be Beaumont Park in Huddersfield. We are very lucky to be just a short distance away and it is pretty epic...full of beautiful woodland walks, gorgeous views and so much character.

We are so lucky to be able to get out and about into nature at the moment, and usually wouldn't think to take the camera but it just felt really bloody nice to have a camera in hand again! I thought back to the course, and really paid attention to the nature, took photos of the little details that caught my eye, and of course ran around like a total dickhead with the dog. And it was everything that I needed that day.

So how can photography help you? And what is the point? Well the way I see it anything that focusses your mind and attention away from the negative and keeps you in the moment can only be a good thing right? So we want to encourage everyone to give this a go too.

You don't need a fancy camera. Dogs are optional although always encouraged. It doesn't need to be a national park, or anywhere too swish. Just head out, take your camera or your phone (but pop it onto do not disturb!) and see what catches your eye. Look at the water drops, textures of the leaves, the colours, the sky, whatever it is.

Just go out and get lost for a minute. Obviously don't travel a million miles to do it. Part of the beauty of doing this locally is to see if you notice things you've never noticed before.

And if you do, share your photos with us because we would absolutely love to see them!

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves


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