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A little update from us...

It's been a little while since we've updated the blog. Truth be told, the last part of the Summer has been difficult and it has been easy to feel a bit deflated and not want to share as much lets be doubly honest there hasn't been much to share!

Sadly due to two lockdowns and the pandemic we've only had a few weddings this year and because of lockdown 2.0 we've also not been able to run our winter family sessions that we had planned for the run up to the festive season. That said, it is so easy to focus on what we've lost and what we haven't been able to for a minute lets focus on what we have done instead!

We've managed to shoot three beautiful weddings this year. A much shared LGBT wedding at Horton Grange (above), an intimate microwedding in York and a beautiful celebration in the gorgeous city of Chester (below). We also teamed up with fellow Yorkshire photographer Darren Flemming to shoot as his associate for a Leeds city centre wedding.

We also met up with the amazing Powell family for a canal-side mini photoshoot and we've had a couple of headshot and portrait sessions in our new studio space.

This summer we set up a sister business which we plan on building up next year, but as we also decided to move house that has taken a back seat. We've made a big change into a small space and renovated a 30ft narrowboat which we are going to be calling home!

We will be updating our website and blogs in the coming weeks with some new imagery, chat about what we have been up to and what our hopes are for 2021...but we just wanted to give a quick update for now! We are taking limited bookings for weddings in 2021 and are open for 2022 bookings too. For family shoots you can purchase vouchers which can be redeemed when the rules allow! We just want to take a moment to remind everyone that love isn't cancelled and we WILL be able to have beautiful weddings and celebrations, no matter how small, again hopefully very soon.

Our inboxes are open to chat all about weddings, photography or just chat rubbish because sometimes thats what we need isn't it!

Stay safe everyone!


Bailey & Mitchell

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