Disability in the media in conversation with the BBC, YAFTA, James Moore and Charlie Swinbourne...

What an event! Mind the Gap Theatre played host to a panel of wonderful industry representatives from the BBC, YAFTA, actors and writers alike, all ready to discuss the important, and often complicated, topic of disability representation in the media today.

Representatives were from all angles of the industry which made for an insightful and interesting discussion. Miranda Wayland, interim head of diversity and Inclusion for the BBC, gave her take on inclusion from the inside of the television industry. James Moore, Emmerdale actor and NTA winner, was able to share his personal experience as an actor on national television who has a disability. Charlotte Armitage, director of YAFTA and Film & TV Psychologist, was able to discuss her perspective as an agent and acting school director who has both worked with and represented actors with disabilities. Charlie Swinbourne, Director, Screenwriter and RTS Winner specialising in Deaf culture, discussed his views not only from the perspective of working within the industry but also having the ability to write and direct pieces that showcase diversity.

The event was presented by Kate Monaghan, Presenter and Ouch Disability podcast host, for BBC radio Leeds. Kate herself identifies as having a disability and was able to not only lead the panel discussion wonderfully, but bring her own personal experience to the table.

We won't discuss the content of the event too heavily, because we would encourage everyone who is able to go and listen to it themselves. It will be aired on July 10th on BBC Leeds Backstage show at 8pm or it will be available on the BBC Sounds app. The discussion was lively, passionate and inspirational.

Check out some of the images from the event below and please listen to the discussion if you can. Show support of inclusivity and disability representation where you are able whether you work in the media or not. If we learned anything at last nights event it is that change is coming, but it is slow and steady, and we can all do more to ensure that everyone sees themselves represented in the world.

We will be supporting YAFTA again later this week at their showcase event. If you are looking for event photography, get in touch! We love capturing images for people and businesses alike to showcase their big moments!


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