A wander in Amsterdam...

After a hectic few months we managed to squeeze in some family time in good old Amsterdam this month! Having visited once before, but not together, it was a great chance to reacquaint ourselves with this beautiful city and experience all of the parts we missed before. First up a trip to the botanical gardens, recommended to us by one of my good friends, and what a treat it was! Luckily we went there before all the rain hit! Gorgeous surroundings, plants both local and tropical, butterfly houses and allllll of the greenery!

A few years ago if you had told me that you would get me anywhere near a butterfly house I would have laughed. I was near traumatised by one as a child! But funnily having a camera made me more interested in their colours and beauty than terrified of them landing on me!

We of course spent ALOT of time walking...no trip of ours is complete without an attempt to walk our own legs clean off, but when the streets are as beautiful as they are in Amsterdam it just seems a shame to miss it all!

The canals and cobbles all just have a real old world feel, like the city hasn't really changed, just grown with the times. We walked along the river to check out the flower market, and caught some of the street art, and of course saw 1000000 people cycling.

Seriously...these guys love a good bike ride...and who can blame them! It certainly seemed like the preferred mode of transport for those who were able to use it and on a sunny day I could really imagine it being a lovely way to get around the city!

A city break just wouldn't be complete without a trip to a museum or art gallery. Of course we visited the Anne Frank House, which is as haunting as it is touching, but there is no photography there (and quite rightly so). We did however also visit the Moco Museum which was without a doubt one of my favourite art galleries I've visited! Collections from Banksy, Warhol, Koons...full to the brim of modern art. It was so interesting to get more of an in depth insight into the works of Banksy in particular as he is an artist that we all seem to know of...but not really know much about. Being able to piece together the social and political motivation behind so much of his work was fascinating.

The temporary exhibition by Daniel Arsham was what had initially drawn us in, and we weren't at all disappointed! Rooms of quiet but powerful art work, all carefully curated and minimalistic, and the final piece of work "The amethyst ball cavern" was simply breathtaking!

On our last day the weather took a turn for the slightly stormy looking and so we made the most of the Memo museums rooftop to catch some shots of the city looking moody. We also checked out one of my favourite spots from my previous trip, Hannekes Boom, for a cheeky canal side beer and a gorgeous view of the city.

All in all Amsterdam has stolen a little piece of our hearts. Along with all of the museums and canal walks, the quirky bars and amazing food, it's earned a spot as one of our favourite cities!

Next on the travel agenda we have some mini trips to London, Wales and then the big one...a camping holiday in Vancouver! One to tick off the bucket list! Stay posted for blogs of our recent weddings and shoots coming up in the next week or so!


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