Wedding day tips...Group shots!

The dreaded moment...deciding on your group shot list to send to your photographer! It can be a little daunting or confusing deciding on your group shots, how many to have, who to we've written a few tips to try and help you out

Keep it short and sweet

Getting a big group of people to all look at a camera for more than two minutes without them getting bored is almost impossible..I mean lets be real...why would anyone rather stand having their photograph taken when nibbles or reception drinks are waiting to be had! Try and keep the shot list as concise as you can, it makes the photographers job clearer and means you can move on to the party that little bit faster

Make sure you include important family members

Some people aren't particularly fussed on having a lot of group shots, but they do serve as memories of the important people who were at the wedding celebrating with you, and often parents or grandparents love a copy of them to have as a keepsake. And hey, they don't have to be overly posed or stuffy, you can still have laughs and fun between the more traditional shots!

Consider the need for an "everyone in" shot

Getting a group photograph with all of the guests at the wedding can be great, but it can also take anywhere between 15 minutes to half an hour to actually find everyone, get them organised, and get the shot where everyone is looking. Plus some guests are rather reluctant to be in photographs which can be tricky.

Of course if you want a group shot, we can make it happen, but we always recommend considering how necessary it is or if you could focus on the closest people and allow everyone to enjoy the day. We will be shooting all day so it's likely that everyone will make it into the photos at some point in the day...which leads me to my next point...

Candid shots can be just as beautiful

Group shots are traditional and a lovely way to preserve memories, but consider carefully who you want in there. Candid shots can be an equally lovely way of capturing all of the guests at the wedding without having to try and wrangle them all together for a group photo mid way through the celebrations! Everyone will be having fun, more relaxed and enjoying the festivities in these shots and they are always a great way to look back at the day.

Some people really hate photos

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes people really don't want to be in the photographs, you can try and talk them around but sometimes its best to let them enjoy the day in their own way. Plus nobody wants a grumpy guest in their photos! They were still there and celebrated with you!

Designate a helper

In all likeliness we will have already met and identified your closest family, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but if you are having extended family and friends in your shots its a good idea to ask someone in your bridal party to help grab people for the photos. Someone who knows all of the people in your list and isn't afraid to be loud is always a bonus!

Keep it fun and get creative

We always suggest a few classic shots, but then have a little fun with it too! Don't be afraid to laugh and joke your way through the group shots, it keeps things interesting and makes everyone relax and enjoy their experience! The group shots should reflect your personality, so we can make them fashionable, silly, fun, quirky...whatever you love!

So there we are...a few tips from us to you. We've been there, wedding planning can be overwhelming, so the best advice really is to just plan in advance where you can and talk to your photographers if you have any questions or concerns regarding the images of the day!

And remember...have fun!

Bailey & Mitchell


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