But do I really want a couples shoot...

...YES! Always yes! And we are going to talk about why in this blog. So often the couples shoot or "pre-wedding" photo session is something that people don't think they want or really need, but we think they are so important and we know we aren't the only photographers who feel this way.

A little practice for the big day... Here is the thing...sometimes people are super nervous about having their photograph taken on their wedding day, so the pre-wedding shoot is the perfect chance to relax into it and get a taste of how the portraits will feel on the day. You can practice some of the more posed shots you might like capturing on the day, as well as some more candid and natural shots together. Hopefully this means you'll feel way more at ease in front of the camera when the wedding rolls around.

Getting to know your photographers...

It's not just about easing nerves about the camera though, its also a great opportunity for you to get to know your photographers a whole lot better. We are going to be there with you on your big day, so its great to be able to feel comfortable around each other and have a good relationship going into it. At a pre-wedding shoot, you can have a good natter, talk about plans for the day, catch up on all of the details we might need to know, or even just chat about nonsense the whole time. Building that relationship first makes the real day feel so much more relaxed!

Be authentically yourselves... Then of course there is the fact that you'll have some lovely photos together. But you are going to get those on your wedding day right? So why bother having a shoot too? Because its a chance to have a more relaxed shoot without all the formalities of the wedding! You can go to a spot near to your heart, maybe your favourite coffee shop or walking route, and you can keep it as casual or smart as you want. Cosy up in some woolly jumpers, bring pets, walk along the beach...whatever you like! It's a chance to be authentically you. Plus, its so important to have as many lovely photos of yourselves together as you can!

They can make really cute wedding decorations...

Using photos of yourselves dotted around the venue, on the tables or on the walls is a lovely idea and its becoming more and more popular! Using photos from your pre-wedding shoot it a great idea to keep everything high quality and looking professional but also showing your guests who you are and the relationship that you are all there to celebrate!

Our little experiment...

In preparation for this blog, on a recent trip away to the Lake district, we did a little couples shoot of ourselves to get into the spirit of how it feels for you guys! We did use the magic of self timer, but it was fun to try poses out with each other and have a go at shooting our own couples shoot

The best part was it was all a bit of fun, and thats how we approach our shoots with other couples too! Lots of giggles, a good chat, maybe a cuppa and some shooting in between! .

So if you are thinking about having or not having a pre-wedding shoot we hope this little post helps you consider it to get camera ready for the wedding day! If you have any questions just give us a message we would love to hear from you!

Bailey & Mitchell

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