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Sorry if that gets stuck in your head now! But sometimes, we believe, it really does take two!

There are some things about having two photographers that might seem really obvious to you. The fact that there are two of us around means that quite literally, there are two people covering the day. It means we can of course be in two places at once. 

For us also helps shape the gallery of your wedding photographs. Working in a documentary, storytelling way means we include as many moments as we can, exactly as they happen, and so having two sets of eyes means we can tell the story from multiple perspectives. 


If you haven't already read about our style click here to learn a bit more about our approach to wedding photography.



As you might imagine...every wedding day is unique in its timings, venue and various elements that affect the way we photograph the event. However at a full day wedding generally this is how we work together...


Ironically...this is the bit where we don't work together!


Both of you have one of us with you for the morning preparations. For us, we think this is the most important part of the day to have two of us and here is why...

- We can tell the story of the day from both partners perspectives.

- You get to see what your partner was up to in the morning! This was our favourite part of looking at our own wedding photographs...telling them is one thing but we loved having a visual and seeing what the other person was up to when we were apart

- Usually one of you will arrive at the venue to greet your guests first...which means one photographer is there catching the guests arriving, venue details and natural photographs you would otherwise miss.

"I don't think I want someone following me around while I get ready" we hear you cry!

Obviously we wouldn't force this on you! But we would gently encourage you to reconsider. So many beautiful moments and memories you don't even think about happen in those hours just before the ceremony that one day you might want to look back on. 

You don't have to just stand there getting dressed...that would be a bit weird! We might be snapping while you get your outfit details together, or while your family gives advice, while you hit the pub for a bit of dutch courage...or even while you and the wedding party walk to the venue...we've had all sorts!



This is where we work together...without being anywhere near each other! 

Emily tends to stay up top with you while you say your vows, it is the perspective that really...only the photographer actually gets...because everybody else is usually sat behind you. It means we get to see you both, but also your guests reactions!

Then Micah gets to get creative and this is the bit you do miss out on with just the one photographer...

His shots show the ceremony from your guests perspective. If the back of your outfit is amazing, he'll be crouching in the aisle to get a shot of it. If your venue has a balcony...yeah he'll be right on that for a totally different view. If your venue made you gasp when you first saw it, he will be the one capturing the wide shots of you saying I do with that gorgeous backdrop.


This is where it totally depends on what you have planned for your day. Depending on how it is going to play out we will adapt where we are and what we focus on! For example...

- While Emily is getting those all important family & group photographs, Micah will focus on the natural, candid photos of the drinks reception 

- If you have entertainment, games or activities for your guests (which we 100% recommend) one of us will be snapping away there while the other makes sure to get those gorgeous detail shots of the venue, flowers, tables etc

- While you are off having portraits with us, the other can get a totally different angle and perspective, which usually means you get way more variety in your gallery


This is where we tend to go our separate ways. You can have us both for the full day if you would like, especially if you are having a big wedding or a particular big party! But often we find that the evening is easily handled with one photographer dipping into the dance floor, getting those shots of the first dance and your guests throwing some moves. 

Because we travel for weddings in our camper (if you haven't read our about us page we talk about it here) usually at this time one of us goes to start backing up the days work and starts looking over the images while the other finishes up photographing!




All of this is just a guideline of how we tend to work....the best way to figure it out is just to ask us when you enquire what we think would work best for your wedding!

"Bailey & Mitchell Photography are just the bees knees!

Too many good words to describe these two…friendly, professional, cool, calm, collected, lovely…and great wedding photographers"

- Ian & Nick, Manchester 

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